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Docker & Spring Boot

 My first upload to the containerized platform Goodbye to the server-based deployments. Feels good and well managed and can be distributed effortlessly. When I executed my first  http://localhost:9000/docker  new journey to the containerization started. Prerequisites I downloaded Docker and installed it in my local machine and created a free account in docker hub ( ). Log in to the docker with the docker hub credentials (Right-click on the docker desktop and click sign in) Here goes my sample project set up  pom.xml Created a spring boot application using  with spring-boot-starter-web dependency. Created one controller to test the application Controller class The key part of the docker containerization is the creation of Docker file note*: Where 'D' should be capital and no extension is required. and the file content is  FROM java:8 -> from java8 image ADD target/springdocker.jar springdocker.jar -> our target jar naming