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Minikube & Kubectl -Basic Operations

Minikube & Kubectl will help the developer to create the cluster environment in the local machine and can test the functionality to gain more confidence in the deployment pipeline. Minikube is a one-node cluster environment that contains the master and worker process, which creates a virtual box in the local environment and node runs on top of the virtual box. Install minkube using the official URL:  follow instructions based on the operating system. Once done open the command prompt and execute: minikube start. Kubectl is used to communicate with API server, Master process contains the API server and is the entry point for the Kubernetes. Will check basic commands to check the status of minikubes  kubectl get node: will give the node details with the status minikube status: will give details about the minikube components * The main advantage of Kubernetes is the replicaSet, Kubernetes will take care of taking the replication of the pods, an