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Linux Basics

More than 90% of cloud servers and many of the webservers are running on the Linux platform so it is handy if we are aware of the Linux basic commands 1.) PWD : Present working Directory 2) CD: Change directory where CD ~ moves to home directory and cd .. just parent directory  3.) ls: List files folders and executable files in the current directory 4.) apt: Advanced Packaging tool (mainly used to install / update new software packaging) Time to try the combination of CD and ls What is the output of  ls cd .. ? or ls  ..? Now try ls /var/log cd -- will points previously worked directory  what about cd ../.. ? 😉 (yes will move to double strap back ) linux commands con be tuned based on our requirements with flags (- with alphabets eg: -a or -- with full name eg:--all) To get the list of flage type man (manual)  command with wich linux command like man ls or man pwd Lets discuss about the file permissions and access we cam see lot of -rw-r--r and x d will decode one by one 😎 - : in